Three Bad Seeds is a family adventure founded in 2009 by Amanda Weiss with the help of her husband Joshua and Marley, their daughter. 
During elementary school, Marley became interested in creating her own animals.  The family began small projects with materials lying around their home - old blankets, shrunken sweaters, etc.  Amanda discovered a knack for designing and sewing pieces that weren't quite toys, nor traditional pillows.  She was drawn to the texture of natural fibers and discovered a wealth of wool sweaters on the dollar rack of southern thrift stores.
She developed a small collection of animal pillows to display at local markets and Three Bad Seeds was born.

The family is now based in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.  Amanda keeps a studio in downtown Olympia, Washington.  She is able to utilize remnants from a nearby Pendleton Woolen Mill to incorporate quality, US made woolens into her pieces.