pillow spotting

Those who buy our work really have the best design sense.  Really.
I love how our designs can be incorporated into most any style - rustic, minimal, modern...
Here are a few shots of the mountains at work:

I wish I had been invited to this dinner party, hosted by Hannah from Pine and Magnolia.  And I wish I had that flag...and a hundred other things in her cabin.  Without getting too deep in thrifting theory -- yes, there is theory to it, I am convinced -- she is a lady after my own heart.  Treasures find her.

We shipped an elusive emerald range to Canada last year.
Vanessa has incorporated it beautifully into her minimal living space.

And one of my faves...Anna of Door Sixteen captured this lovely shot in her Brooklyn home.  Amazing how resting the pillow on the back of the couch elevates it to art, yet it is still an easy reach for function.

We would love to see how you've incorporated your pillow into a room - mention @threebadseeds or tag us #threebadseeds to share.