a getaway

we took a quick trip over the weekend.
and i've come back SO refreshed, i have convinced myself to blog something.  weird.

we visited the southeast corner of the Olympic National Park + Forest.  we rented a little cabin on Lake Cushman.  it rained quite a bit and the lovely, snowy peeks were blanketed in fog.  but we managed to kayak and hike.  and of course i forgot my camera -- so these are all phone photos.

we attempted to summit Mt Rose.  it was a doozy.  imagine walking up flight after flight of stairs -- 3500' gain in 3 miles.  about a half mile to the summit we hit snow and had to turn back.  i was ill prepared for the slipperiness. 

we enjoyed lots of time in our kayaks.  the water was the clearest i've paddled and some of the giant, submerged old-growth stumps were larger than the boats.

when we had sun, the husband caught, cleaned and grilled some lovely trout for us.

when we were rained in, i was able to sneak out to investigate a few garage sales.
i did well - linens, jars, a vintage pendleton for $4 and a stack of amazing photos from the 50's + 60's.