holiday business

First, let me announce some wonderfully exciting news.  At this very moment a big, chubby box of our pillows is headed to Greenville, SC!  (I have been sitting on this info for months...so glad to let it be known!)  South Carolina has a special place in my heart because it is where our little family venture took off.  Greenville is home to Art + Light Gallery, a beautiful space full of lovely work.  Please visit Teresa and squeeze our cushions in person...

I know, it is only the first week of November...but without intense focus on the holiday rush ahead, I would fall miserably behind.  Sadly, I do not have elves in my studio to help ramp up production. It is just little ol' me - the husband is still out of the country and the daughter is quite busy with all the drama that comes along with being twelve.

So, I've got some holiday business to attend to and must sign off until Dec12...just in time to restock the Etsy shop with last minute holiday gifts.  The items currently in our Etsy shop are all that will be available until November 23.  Our online shop will close from the 24th until Dec 12th while we attend our fabulous holiday shows:

First is Lincoln Winter Market Nov 24 in Olympia

Next is Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle Dec 1 + 2

And finally, Crafty Wonderland in Portland Dec. 8 +9