by request

Phew - the summer show season is hastily coming to a close.  We had such fun experiencing new places and meeting new people.  I must say that my heart no longer belongs to Edisto, SC.  In our travels I have found another love -- Bend, OR.  His rugged good looks were too much for me to resist.

Every event presents a handful of people asking if we make particular animals - from a swan to a moose.  I keep mental notes on those species that are requested the most.  In the past our elephant and pug (among others) were created due to popular demand.  And this year I have designed 3 new pieces thanks to our admirers.

Yep, a goat.  Pretty sure someone told me it was their spirit animal.

A Dachshund.  Weenie dog.  Doxie.  LOTS of requests for this one.

And a petite turtle.  I never knew there were so many fans of turtles. 

I have added them to the etsy shop and will include them in our lineup at the holiday shows that are just around the corner.

OH, and I also added a couple of cushions to our Made For You shop.  

 The Pup portrait pillow.  I also made a cat version but my light was being weird yesterday and his grays got all washed out.  Will try again and post soon.

And the Stag cushion cover.  This was inspired by a photograph I recently pinned and the label on a box of vintage pins I have on my desk.