bend summer fest

Blogging is a habit that I have obviously kicked.  Once a month seems to be all I can muster.  I have a list of things I want to post but I can't seem to sit down and DO IT.  It is that way with all the things I want to cook and all the hikes I want to take...on and on.

This weekend is the Bend Summer Festival.  We will be participating in their art show both Saturday + Sunday.  My favorite pieces for the event are pictured above. We are spending 5 days and I hope we get to explore a little.  Although we lived in Oregon for 3 years, we never visited Bend. 

In my non-blogging hours, I created a few new pillow designs and a new display.  Everyone loved the vintage suitcases we used in the past but they are space hogs in the car.  And let's face it, most everyone uses them in their displays.  I have a new shelf system that I will use at local events (an instagram of my paint job).  When we travel, we will use just tables and these fabulous mountain boxes my friend helped me build.  I can transport them flat and they assemble with velcro!  The picture above was just a test setup in the living room -- I will have Mars get some good shots from the show.
(And yes, I am obviously smitten by all the monstrous mountains that surround us.)