growing, slowly but surely

Although the summer heat has settled onto many places, we are still enjoying spring.  
It is June and most days I need a sweater until midday. So weird.
The wild foxgloves are just opening and they look like huge, colorful asparagus spears. 
I just love them.

 I have an outdoor nursery now (my attempt at direct seeding + learning about this crazy climate).

I have half of the garden bar set with juvenile veggies and most of them have just begun to flower.
I am not impressed with the paint color on the bar itself.
It was free, so I used it, BUT it is entirely too bright.

The bar is great though -- the dogs like to lay in the tall grass underneath and I don't worry about Banjo marking any of the pots.  And the lower shelf gets a nice amount of filtered sunlight for the spinach + lettuce growing in my big salad bowls.

I'm so happy to be growing again!
But I think it may be September before I get a homegrown tomato.