six months

I received my post office box renewal the other day which reminded me that we have been in Washington for half a year now.  I wanted to put up a few photos of what we see around us.

The first two months we lived between a few different rentals while we waited for our house.  I was lucky to find a few Plastichrome images of Fort Lewis at a thrift shop.  Mount Rainier is about 50 miles to our east and it dominates the sky on clear days.  The gate below (though not in its original location) is still here.

Our first trip was to the coast.  We stayed a little over a week and explored the Olympic National Park beaches.  Nothing like it on earth.  We are going back in a few days for spring break.

We also lived on the point of Harstine Island, near Shelton, for about 6 weeks.  It seemed to be situated at the most perfect viewpoint of both nearby ranges. While here, we hiked into the Olympic Forest from the east at Staircase.

We've put the kayaks into the sound a few times about a mile from our house - I've never seen water so clear.  Mars continues to be fascinated with gross little crawly things she finds at low tide.  I am preoccupied with seal and sea lion sightings.  Josh has still not caught a fish.