sewing seeds

The first week of March was the longest I could wait. 
My horticultural clock has been ticking since early January (when I am accustomed to starting seeds indoors). 

I always order a tap water at Starbucks and begin mixing in some iced americanos about this time of year just for starting seeds.  I feel they make the best temporary pots AND they are an added bonus of  my coffee habit.  I moved in a shelf from the pantry, put it in the sunny window of my studio and basically created an indoor greenhouse on the cheap. 

I can't wait to have a jungle of food in the back yard again.  We have rigged up a raised pallet system of containers since new backyard is so tiny AND must be shared with two dogs.  I will post about it here in the near future.  We are also renting a bed at the community garden just down the street.  Never done that before and I'm super excited to experience it!

I have a board on pinterest that lists some of what I have planned for this year...although I have not yet added the herbs.  Let me know if you have a "must grow" that I should try.