cross country: the trip

This sentiment pictured above is ridiculous.

My grand plans for beautiful pictures documenting our journey did not pan out. Traversing the width of this nation is not for the faint-hearted or the impatient...but we made it. And I was able to snap a few shots on my phone (mostly while driving, apologies).

The trip from South Carolina to Texas was completely uneventful and driven mostly in the dark.  We booked a small house on Cedar Creek Lake for a week to visit with family.  We celebrated Marley's 11th birthday there with a surprise party.  Josh and I made pinatas, his mom made a snake cake and we had a big taco dinner.   At the lake, we met a dog named Ricky Guapo.  We wanted to pack him up and bring him along.

West Texas was flat except for the numerous rail cars packed with coal.

New Mexico was lovely and getting an occasional peek at the Rockies made me feel like we were making a little progress.

Colorado came at the end of the first day of our western leg and early morning of the next.  Each early departure had me less interested in scenery and more concerned about how many miles I could make before someone was desperate to use the bathroom.  No photos of Colorado...but the crisp air as we left our hotel at the base of a mountain in Colorado Springs was a welcome change to the swelter of the south. 

I liked Wyoming.  It was empty.

We stayed in Utah the second night and were able to take an early morning trip to the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City for my mother-in-law to walk the grounds.  It was beautiful.

Idaho gave us amazing french fries and a place to sleep on night 3.  We left long before daylight to arrive in Oregon for breakfast.  We found a teeny restaurant that ended up being a one woman show - breakfast was cooked and served by her hands.  Best meal of the whole trip.

Washington was a welcome sight.  Miles of orchards and grape vines eventually gave way to the Cascade Range.  We spent a few days in the city lining up a place to live and then left for a week at the coast...