onward & westward

We'll be shuttering the shop this weekend and hope to be settled on the opposite coast in about 6 weeks.  We have applications in at a few holiday shows (Urban Craft Uprising & Crafty Wonderland) and hope to report our acceptance in the coming weeks.  Wanted to share a few things we'll be doing this holiday season...

new breeds --

I feel I might have mastered the bulldog face.  Finally.  And that chihuahua scowl cracks me up.

new designs--

Something about heading west has really affected my aesthetic lately.  Won't our buffalo look great with this?

new tags--

The ridiculously amazing Mollie from Royal Buffet created these for me.  They are so adorable I have kept them stashed for months, waiting for an indoor show.  Although I hate to part with them, I must share.

new displays--

 My brain does not speak crochet.  Luckily, Rachel from Softspoken took pity on my soul and created these for our table.  They will compliment our product bags perfectly!