schmavorite things about SC: Edisto Island

So...long time, no blog.

We survived the first move and are currently waiting out the heat until we transition to the west coast in September.  Many moons ago I mentioned I would share some of our favorite things about our time in South Carolina.  Agreed, it is a touch Martha, hence my schmavorite twist .  But I must...because there is much I wish not to forget about our time here!

Now, these are in no particular order.

But let's start with what I consider the jewel of South Carolina: Edisto Island.
We finally stayed more than a day last weekend.  The Mister gets a whole FOUR days off (IN A ROW, no less!) once every 9 weeks.  I secured a sweet little 'cabana' nestled under the amazing low-country live oaks dripping with moss.  (Don't be silly - of course I did not have the forethought to photograph it.)  When traveling, we must always bring along our 150 lbs of dog so the cabin came complete with a fenced yard, tiki hut, and outdoor shower (which is now on my absolutley must have list - there is nothing quite like taking a bath under tall trees & big sky).  It even came with an underground bee hive and I was officially stung for the very first time.  Yay!

But we did not spend much time at our island home.  The great thing about Edisto is the lack of tourism.  There is one grocery store.  And one souvenir shop.  And a handful of eateries at least a block back from the shore.  They DO have an amazing state park with camping facilities and natural shoreline.  And a gas station with cold Blue Bell and a Gullah speaking cashier.  And a farmers market on the way into town.

And the most amazing pocket of  land untouched by modernity called Botany Bay.
This is where we spent most of our time.  

The picture above was taken at midday.  Seriously, each time we arrived it was deserted.  This might have something to do with a 1/2 mile trek to the beach.  Well worth it, I say.

The beach itself is littered with shells and driftwood.  They have a strict policy of not removing anything on the grounds so you get a real feeling of what a beach should look like.
On day 3, we even found a sandollar fresh from the tide! 

Must not forget, my personal favorite...the pelicans.  Gangs of them making busy lines in a hurry to nowhere.
Standing under as they rush over your head - close enough to count feathers - is quite the experience.
When I win the lottery, Edisto will be my east coast home.