commission adventures: hugo of indie craft parade

Have I mentioned that I love my job?  

I had the pleasure of bringing the Indie Craft Parade mascot, Hugo, to life.
Well -- he will be living a plump and woolly sort-of existence.
And I loved Cory Godbey's original design so much I made a few small embroidered bags for the event founders too...maybe they can use them to carry all their Sweeteeth Chocolates home???

Dare I say it...this annual handmade market in lovely Greenville, SC is my favorite.
From the ladies who run it, to it's beautiful location...
From the locals who support the artists,  to the handpicked artists themselves... 
From the sweet photo-booth to the local musicians and food...
It is an absolute joy.

I just snapped up my VIP ticket for Friday Sept. 9 because I have a list of things we will need in our new west coast digs.  And I want to get first dibs - I remember the early birds got the juicy worms at our table last year.  I've been pinning away all I plan to buy here -- http://pinterest.com/threebadseeds/buystuff-indiecraftparade/

Let me know if you are coming too and share all the goodies you're looking for!