thrifted thursday #6

Today I only found a handful of sweaters.  They are rare these days and will be scarce until November.
One of them was a real gem though - coral alpaca.  I have only come across one other alpaca sweater, in turquoise, and I  have just tiny scraps left.
Ironically, I had a car load to donate upon my entrance this morning.
I always wonder what the staff thinks when I drop off a trunk full and then carry a load back out...
I am convinced they think I am a hoarder.  Whatev.

We visited a flea market Sunday.  I got this a m a z i n g helmet for a buck.  No- I do not own, rent, or even ride any sort of motorized two wheeler.  But who could resist gold glitter and that airbrushed black pattern?  For now, it is part of the decor in my studio but one day I just might get a little scooter to ride about town...