fallout: craftstravaganzaa

While this show was not particularly successful for us -
the costs related to showing at out of town events eat up most profits -
it was a nice event and it had a steady stream of traffic, they just did not seem to be into pillows.
It happens.

All event photos were taken by Mars (she is starting to ask for compensation, ugh).
She sold her minion #5 and one of the stuffed hearts she likes making. 

Our neighbor was Fat Studio Pottery.  See the two holes in his display wall?
I bought those an hour before the show opened. They now hang in my kitchen.

Marley was infatuated with the naked magnet...and this logo is perfection.


I picked up the t-shirt pictured above from Jordan Grace Owens.  I wanted the cat too.
I love all of her quiet illustrations.

Now, what ultimately made this excursion worthwhile was my procurement of a most magnificent vintage piece.  It is now my most prized possession and Joshua will hate it. 
This brass deer towers above my knee.  The folks at Juniper Home Vintage are my heroes.
There were two others and if you love me, you will buy them for me so I can reunite the family.


The downtown Athens area was great.
We had THE most amazing pizza at Transmetropolitan.

And Mars seems to have a cupcake seeking missile lodged in her brain...we were too full of pizza to partake in something from the Ben and Jerry's shop so we took a cupcake to the hotel for later. 

I am glad our last trip to Georgia was to Athens - I would love to go back some day and explore it more!