commission adventures: gatsby and the buffalo

I LOVE this recent commission...of course, I love them all...but this one in particular was very sweet AND produced a new design we will add to our regular line up.

Meet Gatsby.  Pure sweetness covered in fluff.  Teresa of Green It Up commissioned me to recreate her dearly departed cat in pillow form.  She really wanted me to try to capture him in the position pictured and it was a nice to stretch my abilities. 

I started with a  large sketch, altering the photographed position a bit.  I generally start my pillow designs with a small doodle in a pocket size notebook I carry around.  I then redraw it on a file folder.  The folders happen to be handy and a good weight for using as a cutting template.

I think it captures his very sweet essence.  Teresa requested I include part of the last line from The Great Gatsby:  "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."

We also created a bison / buffalo...and it hurt to give this one up to it's rightful owner in the end.
I absolutely love it and as soon as I collect the increasingly rare brown sweaters needed, I will be making more!