In with the NEW!

FIRST...let me say thanks to anyone who is taking time to read my dribble and to anyone who has supported our craft over the past year.  2010 was our first full year of navigating the business side of creating and we feel quite welcomed into the community.  We will continue working to fulfill a desire and need for functional art/craft/graphic objects born from discarded materials as long as the world will have us!

Image via All Local Farmers' Market by cre8ordie.com

Second order of business:  New Year's Bloody Mary Market!  Yet another reason I LOVE being part of the All Local Farmers' Market...who else would invite you to bring your own vodka to an 8am function?

We have restocked and added a few newbies!  Mars asked for a flying hedgehog for Christmas and we have adapted her idea to small version of our plush pillows.  We will also have our newest large animal pillow, an as-yet-to-be-named elephant.  Perhaps we will entertain suggestions???  If you have a good one, comment below!

Numero tres:  There are changes afoot in more ways than the record of time.  We are migrating our threebadseeds.com address to a cleaner format.  It will be lovely - just wait and see.  I will continue the blog but the address will change to blog.threebadseeds.com. Please cross your fingers the switch on Sunday goes smoothly.

And finally...some resolutions!
*make the jump to 'fine art', otherwise known as 'stuff you can hang on your wall'.  this will be something i attempt on my own and have been fantasizing about for months.  the best way i can describe my vision is fabric illustrations or fuzzy graphic design.  we will see how it plays out.
*procrastinate less.  but i will worry about that later
*stock the etsy shop.  and restock the etsy shop
*introduce one new design per month
*teach a class (already in the works for January!) & create a tutorial
*post blog entries more consistently and about a wider range of topics
*find the perfect balance between compensation and affordability
*open our vintage shop (also known as downsize & de-clutter)
* eat less chips