S-L-O-W Shop: Produce Bags

okie-dokie my friends, giveaway closed!  congrats Tammy!


Welcome to a crafty grand opening of "SLOW" proportions!  Handcrafted goods are absolutely a part of the 'Slow Movement' along with food, money, travel and any other part of life that can be done in a more mindful way- one conducive to greater connections.

Honestly, selling online is something that I am a bit wary of because I treasure the interaction at our craft table.  There is a purity in watching a person walk up and connect with something we made.  Every smile is a powerful reward.  And I really love that I can put a face and an experience to each of our creations.

BUT...we live in the age of Etsy - where all amazing things handmade have a home - and we have been begged to get a few things in an online shop.  So we will, gradually.  During the next four Fridays, we will release a limited number of our goods into our Etsy shop.  For most items, we will be taking the ready-made route rather than the 'we-will-make-it-if-you-buy-it' shop stance.  This is mostly due to the random nature of our materials, we can never know what color combination we will have on hand.  We do accept commissions so if you have seen something in person that is not in the shop,  feel free to ask if we can make it for you!

We are kicking off our 'slow' opening this week with some of our produce bags.  To celebrate, we will give one away!  Just browse the designs we have up and then comment below about which bag you would most like to have.  You have until 6 pm Sunday.  Mars will pull out the trusty hat to draw a winner and we will announce it Monday!

See our Shop page for an outline of giveaways to come!