S-L-O-W Shop: Pillows

Giveaway closed, congrats to Janelle!

image:  Leigh Wells, source
Week two of our 'slow' online opening will feature the addition of a few of our most popular pillow cover designs.

I love the way Penelope Green of the NY Times paraphrased the Slow Movement: "(it) essentially challenges one to use local ingredients harvested and put together in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Above all it emphasizes slowness in the creation and consumption of products as a corrective to the frenetic pace of 21st-century life."

Adopting handcrafted goods designed with thought, in place of factory produced goods with a very generic aesthetic, is a great way to implement a commitment to meaningful consumption.

I like to treat the linen panels I cut from clothing as little blank canvases on which to create with wool applique and hand embroidery.  I keep a little notebook with me most of the time and I doodle ideas or scenes we come across.  Currently I am fleshing out a design based on a little dog with a big attitude that we met at a local market!  One of my favorite inspirations for the square pillows are mid-century childrens' books.   I do create a few 'stock' designs - as seen in our shop - but keep them fresh by changing up colors based on what we found at the thrift store lately.

Everything, save some interfacing and thread, used to make these pillow covers are locally sourced from donated clothing.  I shop the 'sale' section at local thrift stores where stained, torn or just plain ugly apparel ends up.  I am able to salvage and cut away any of the bad parts then transform the material into our handcrafted goods.  A most delicious lemonade from a sour fruit.

As promised ~ a GIVEAWAY!  We are debuting a few new pillow designs at ICE Atlanta in November and you could have our very first Black Sheep pillow pictured below...it belongs on your couch!

How to get it:  Visit our SHOP to see our gnome pillows and then comment below with a suggestion for a new gnome saying...we are introducing a 'Gnome Grown' design at ICE  but I like to do things in threes.  If you can't think of anything snappy, it is OK.  Comment anyway and we will still throw your name into the hat.  We will vote on any gnome submissions and the one we like best gets his/her name on 5 extra slips going into the hat.  The Black Sheep will go to the name pulled (pillow form included) AND the chosen gnome phrase will be implemented into our newest design.  Please keep in mind I must hand embroider the words...short and simple is key!  We will accept comments until 9pm EST / 6pm PST Sunday, Oct 24.

Below is a brief roundup of sources to help you learn more about the Slow Movement and how you might be able to apply it to many facets of your life: