S-L-O-W Shop: Coasters

Giveaway Closed, Congrats Ellie!


This week we are introducing a few of our coaster designs in our Etsy shop.   Anyone hate a drink ring as much as me???  I have all my mistake coasters littered around the house on every available surface!

When I first started reclaiming wool sweaters and using them as the foundation of our designs, I would come across certain pieces that would not felt at all or would felt so much that the material became too thick to sew with.  Through lots of trial and error, I can usually predict the outcome of a sweater's trip into a hot bath but sometimes they still surprise me.

In an effort to use those thick pieces, I discovered the lowly coaster as a perfect fit.  I have always wanted to make some of the Zakka patchwork coaster projects I have seen in books but they usually involve too much measuring, cutting, turning seams and precise pattern work that I am not very good at.  So, I just went to town on my sweaters and tried to create some cool freehand machine embroidery and applique designs.

and a GIVEAWAY, as promised!
Browse our shop this weekend...then leave a comment with your favorite coaster design mentioned below.  We might just send it to you.  Mars will pick Sunday night so comment before 9pm EST / 6pm PST on the 31st.