Preview: Indie Craft Parade

My virtual silence is a direct result of preparing for our upcoming show...which is finally here THIS weekend!  I have become a sewing zombie We have been quite busy preparing; however, as usual, I wonder if we will have enough.

This  show has gotten an amazing amount of coverage - on a local level (billboards, TV interviews, blogs & local papers) and globally, through the tweets and posts of marketing giant Etsy.

Josh constantly reminds me that this adventure is supposed to be fun - that I must remember to create according to inspiration not self-imposed quotas.  If only he could get that through to my inner type-A-personality-micromanaging-perfectionist self.  Although I struggle with attaining my lofty stock goals, I must say that some pretty cool new designs have come from working toward this show.

Pretty please come visit us in Greenville this weekend!
It is guaranteed to be an impressive gathering of extraordinary creations.

Indie Craft Parade from Indie Craft Parade on Vimeo.