The Never Ending Summer

Although they are only whispers, I hear the rustle of fall just around the corner with each scrape of the rake that tames the mountains of pine needles covering our yard. South Carolina seems to have a monopoly on HOT, so who knows if the weather will ever cool.  Let's cross our fingers and toes for the speedy arrival of autumn.

The tomato and pepper plants we left in the ground on a whim are confused to the point of fruiting once again.  Most of our tender seedlings have suffered under the intense afternoon sun.  We had to pull them and start anew...we can only hope for mild weather in the coming months.  We have now shielded each bed with lace curtain panels, the Goodwill version of crop covers.  Hopefully that will do the trick.

We were supposed to pick apples this weekend but could not get inspired to do so.  We went for a stroll on the Congaree Swamp boardwalk instead.  Josh and Mars kayak out there occasionally.  I tried once but noticed hand sized spiders on each and every tree that lined the water.  Now I only walk.  It was lush, green and beautiful there after the rain this weekend - reminded me of our time in Oregon.

Looking out across the flood plain at the Cypress knees conjured a woodland fairy-tail setting in my mind.  It would be perfect for communities of little gnomes.