Fallout: Indie Craft Parade

The Line

Phew.  Greenville is home to some hardcore lovers of art & craft.
I know for a fact I could not hang in a line stretching 2 blocks...
And I could not shop shoulder to shoulder.
But Greenville natives were willing and able this weekend...

We had such a great time and our stuff was very well received.  Huge, sloppy thank yous to all the wonderful people who took something we made into their home.  Next time, I must remember to take pictures of our goods with their new owners!

We met lots of really nice people - both shoppers and vendors.  Sadly, with all the commotion, I missed seeing most of the artists in the front room.  And I took maybe 3 decent pictures with my ancient point and shoot.  Somehow my birthday wishes of an Airstream and a DSLR did not materialize this year.  Thank goodness for the event Flickr Pool.

I want to mention Columbians Ashley Harris and her lovely mother, as well as Angie and her sweet friend.  They drove about 100 miles to visit us and see the show.  Unbelievably sweet - thank you!

Now, for all my new artsy & crafty crushes:

 - - - ART CRUSHES - - -

I think I might pack it all in and move up to the mountains to clean the ink off their floor.  Super nice guy, super nice wife, super amazing wood cuts.  I officially know what to tell people to buy me when they ask (after the Airstream and DSLR).


Pretty sure we have a mutual admiration society building.  Josh and Mars love his very polished illustrations but I liked his doodles.  In fact, I think if his doodles met my doodles there would be a really awesome doodle disco.

- - - PAPER CRUSHES- - -

dog of summer garland
You know when you meet genius but can't make a scene to properly bow.  Exactly what it feels like to meet this maker and be in the presence of her ethereal creations.  I purchased a garland similar to this - but all pups.  I spoke to her for a brief second before opening on Saturday.  She is lovely and I plan to attend her show in October at Art & Light Gallery.

 X X X

Ragamuffin Studio - Beth Schaible 
Bought this postcard to hang on my wall.  Because I have no one to send a postcard to.  And because I like to feel the letterpress indentions.  I would love to have her make us some thank you cards!

- - - PLUSH CRUSH - - -
Why would my daughter spend ALL her money on a stuffed kitty monster when her mom could make one?  Because mom could not make it like Canoo can make it.  Absolutely wonderful hand stitched plush.  Really beautiful.  It was kind-of weird to see they use hearts on the bum also but how could we expect to be the only one using that adorable plush stamp?


Tot Toppers
Knitting extraordinaire and the best booth neighbor we could wish for.


The Cordial Churchman
If I was a guy I would totally wear bow ties.  But my husband won't.  However, my dogs might....


17 Dove Street
Mars spent a pretty penny buying Erin's adorable hair pins and a ring.


Pony & Poppy
Lovely screen printed items for the home.  That is my new pie tea towel.  I loved speaking with Amy and Joelle during the show!


Rachel Feece
Drinking out of my new green cup as I type!

And...last but not least:  Sweeteeth chocolate.  YUM!

Ok, I missed lots of people.  I am especially sad that I never visited Two Over Zero because I really wanted a gardening journal.

If we are nearby next year, we would love to come back to be a part of Indie Craft Parade!