Calling Cards

We are new to the craft show scene and I am sure this idea is not novel, but I thought I might share!  While looking for cost-effective ways to let everyone know about the shows we will attend as a vendor, I began printing off little craft show "calling cards" for visitors to pick up from our table in addition to our business card.  I try to keep the design simple but interesting...something I would want to see on my refrigerator!  I always dedicate one side to our company information and the opposite side to our next event.

The first time I made cards, I just scanned in and used one of my doodles (the very same that became our grumpy plush octopus).   I added the logo from the show along with the date and location.

The nice people over at Indie Craft Parade provided a PDF press kit with lots of images.  I created and passed out the cards below at our last event.  If you are a fellow vendor, feel free to download and print the cards.  Don't forget to add your own crafty business information to the back!
Indie Craft Parade