Blueberry Picking @ Annex 20

Annex 20 at Hofield Farms is just a few minutes outside of Columbia in Camden, SC.  I buy lots of the veggies we don't grow ourselves directly from Peter (cutest farmer ever!) at the Clemson Ext. Sandhill Farmer's Market about a mile from our house.  I was beyond excited when he told me about his U-Pick blueberries.

The bushes were amazingly large - some must have been 10 feet tall!  In past excursions around Texas, I've always been able to see over the plants.

Many of the berries were enormous as well...and delicious.  Store bought berries could never compete with these nearly cherry-sized, sun-warmed blue gems.

The farm itself was lovely.  Produce is sold from the structure above, which displays lots of really great hand painted signs. Josh was amazed at this HUGE bowl.  We were told that the farm used it for making sorghum syrup in the past. 

This was my absolute favorite sign - I neeeeeeed it for my kitchen. 

Josh asked permission & then made me drive down into the property a bit to look for snakes.  He found none but I snapped this lovely scene.

To learn more about Annex 20 CSA, visit their site or facebook page.