Back-To-School Snack Sack Giveaway!

It is finally here - the first day of school!  To celebrate the return of a peaceful and quiet home studio, we are giving away one of our snack sacks!

Our snack size drawstring bags are perfect to tote along an apple, cheese sticks, and nuts to school or work.  You can choose from the four pictured above.  Each is made from lightweight cotton canvas.  In a former life, the material was a never-used set of Martha Stewart curtains I found at Goodwill.  They are decorated with with hand cut applique from our wool and linen scraps.


The bags are based on our simple drawstring produce bag design - unlined and quick to make so I can focus on the decoration detail.  I originally intended these to carry a 4 piece set of our produce bags but one of our super-smart customers purchased them for her daughter's pre-school snack time.  Brilliant!

TO WIN:  Comment below about which you would like us to send you and what kind of goody might be carried in it.  Don't forget to enter your email in the appropriate field (it will not be visible) so we can contact the winner.