Summer Feasts: A Farmer's Feast

Two weeks have come and gone... 
And once again, I am catching up with myself.
Summer break has no tolerance for organization or self-imposed schedules.

The raised beds are cranking out fruit and veggies faster than we can eat.
Part of my pleasure in growing is sharing - I enjoy arranging little bags of goodies for the neighbors.  

The carrots we harvested earlier this summer were very fun to grow!

These are beautiful, frilly tomato plants!  We've  harvested six so far 
and have atleast 15 green babies on two plants right now.   
(Lycopersicon esculentum)

We picked up a local yellow bell pepper transplant early in the spring.
It has been quite abundant!
The peppers I started from seed are not doing as well.
My pride and joy this growing season is this Eggplant 

Even the flowers are lovely!

Almost everything has grown really well in the beds we constructed this winter (I will post more on that exciting experience in the near future!).  I have learned that I am a complete failure at Zucchini.  I pulled out the first planting and put in a new variety earlier this month to test my personal I-WAS-NOT-MADE-TO-GROW-SQUASH theory...we will see how they turn out.

 Even the lizards are getting in on the summer feasting - 
they have to be my favorite form of organic pest control.

This particular baby Anole has really won me over!
I've named him Mantis and I REALLY hope he continues to evade our dog.

We also have a bounty of grape tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans (Haricots Verts, no less!) and a couple of melons we are growing vertically.  I'll be sure to report when we slice one open!

---Next Up, A Crafty Feast---