Summer Feasts: A Crafty Feast

---Second in a Three Part Series---

Yep, I am still catching up...
Crafty Feast was an amazing success for us - many thanks to all of you who took home something we created or passed along a kind word!  The sight of our sad, empty tables by 4pm has renewed my desire to implement a production schedule here in the studio (or as I like to refer to it, the SWEAT SHOP).

We learned that an interesting mechanical or electrical device on the table will draw the sometimes hard-to-get demographic of "MAN" over for a closer look.  We actually had a few guys ask if we would sell our prized 360 degree Zephair fan. 

It was really nice to speak with our fellow crafters.  I was able to walk around to browse only once and I left my wallet at our booth so I did not get to buy anything.  Check out some of the cool stuff we shoulda/coulda/woulda bought and their makers! 

x x x

So She Sews: Etsy Shop!
That's Brooke and that's the whale wristlet I NEED!!

x x x

JellyKoe:  Etsy Shop!
The eye detail under the patch won me over!

x x x

Verabelle:  Etsy Shop!

 I really loved this top with the pleating and embroidery!

x x x

Stars and Robots:  Etsy Shop

This little guy would be perfect on my desk!

 x x x

Also, I could not find any pictures to share on their new site,
but be sure to check out 2CityStudio in the near future - they also craft as a family!

---Next Up,  A Vintage Feast---