long time no....

image courtesy of Katie Barnett

It has been awhile...I know!  We have been enjoying our summer break the past few weeks and spending time with family from out of town.  My lovely sister-in-law, who is an aspiring photographer, took some great photos for me that I will be featuring from time to time.  Check our her site byKatieGrace!

Crafty Feast is only 5 days away (PANIC!).  I am really enjoying walking in to local establishments and seeing the posters I designed.  

We have some new stuff to share on Sunday!

image courtesy of Katie Barnett
I made this pennant banner for our canopy.  I will have some HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and CONGRATS! for sale.  They are made of upcycled wool sweaters.  I cut the letters freehand and then machine stitch them onto the pennants.  The cords are made of jute.

image courtesy of Katie Barnett
I was thinking fuzzy dice when I made this - but it is too big for the rear view mirror.  Instead, I have used it as a wall hanging in my kitchen.  The buttons are vintage from a shop downtown and, sadly, are the last of their stock.  The fabric is fulled wool from thrifted sweaters and skirts.

I will have sets of coasters available.  I cut heavily felted wool into rounds and squares.  Each set is freehand embroidered on the machine or appliqued with hand-cut wool designs.  And those lovely tomatoes are the first to ripen from the raised beds we put in this winter!

AND, of course, we will have all our pillow creatures.  
However, we found a new supplier of fiberfill.  Our animals are now stuffed with 100% PLA fiber made of renewable corn plastic rather than a petroleum based fiberfill. 

SOOOOOO, meet me at Crafty Feast this Sunday!!!